Getting to Know Your Ingredients, J-K

Juice/Whole, Fruit:


When you don’t have a room spray, or a pleasant-smelling air freshener, your home, apple juice can be a great stand-in.


Unsweetened grapefruit juice, either from a bottle or straight from the fruit, can be used as an ingredient in a very effective bronze cleaner.


Lemon juice is a food acid that makes an excellent degreaser, coupled with a pleasant natural scent. Besides the juice, you can use the rind as an eco-friendly disposable scrubber (especially when paired with salt) that can be used on anything from everyday dishes to rusty metals. Cut lemons can also help remove stains from surfaces that can tolerate food acids (such as cutting boards).


The scent of an orange is a pleasant way to make your home smell nice.  Because it is also a food acid, orange juice can be used in a pinch to clean counter tops and appliances.  The peel can be used an as additional ingredient simmering deodorizers.


Rhubarb can be hard to come by when it is not in season.  However, if you have some, you can use it to help clean your aluminum cookware.


Ketchup can be used to clean up tarnished copper, brass, or bronze. It does not have to be an expensive brand, either!

Kitty Litter:


Clay kitty litter is handy to have, even if you don’t own a cat. If you have a driveway, garage, basement, or any kind of hard floor, clay kitty litter is great for soaking up big spills. You can also use it to absorb extra moisture in the air.


Gravel kitty litter is the cheapest type available. It’s not only a great mess absorber, but you can also use it to help absorb odors in a stinky garbage pail or provide traction on icy pavement.